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Germantown Community Library and Regional History and Genealogy Center

Pre-registration is required for most programs and events. Select an event below to view details. Call (901) 757-READ 7323 for more information or to register.

An Afternoon with Islamic Artists and Authors

Enjoy an afternoon of art and community with a presentation and exhibit by local artists and authors from the organization Muslims in Memphis. Pre-registration is not required.

Lydia Muhammad, Purple Peace - Poetry & Prose
Fayzeh Bahyan, An Easy Way to Learn Arabic and Quran
Khadijah Abdul Haqq, Nanni's Hijab
Jasmin Nuhic, The Nine Steps of Creating Your EXECUTABLE Individual Development Plan
Dr. Faten Hassouneh, Creative Thinking from Islamic Perspective
Ammar Kidwai, Time Traveling with Ammar
Humeira A. Kazmi, Love Me Do and two additional titles

Melani Halimah 
Dr. Faten Hassouneh 
Aysha Anastasia Izg
Khadijah Abdul Haqq

Dr. Faten Hassouneh, who will be demonstrating Arabic calligraphy during the event, is a lecturer in the Arabic language and Tajweed at American Open University. Dr. Hassouneh holds a PhD in Education, MA in Education, and BA in Islamic and Arabic studies. She has published the book Creative Thinking from Islamic Perspective, and has an additional title forthcoming,The Strategy of Individualized Instruction and the Role of the Teacher Preparation of Outstanding Leader. Her additional experience includes 17 years teaching Arabic as a Foreign language (AFL), service as a Director of Sunday School and leadership of Summer Camp programs and Student Workshops.


 Sumaira Sardar

 Khadijah Abdul-Haqq


 Lydia Muhammad

 Jasmin Nuhic

 Humeira A. Kazmi

 Faiza Bahyan

 Aysha Anastasia Izg

 Ammar Kidwai



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