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BMA Passes Resolution Regarding Road Realignment

Did you know that the Board of Mayor and Aldermen unanimously passed a resolution as an end all to the Germantown Road realignment and the extension of Forest Hill Irene Road north of Wolf River Boulevard? During the April 9 meeting, the Board decided to make its opinion known to residents of Germantown that such realignment or extension will not be implemented.

The Germantown Road realignment project is not included in any long-range capital or transportation plans for both the City and the Memphis Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO).

“This resolution is meant to be the conclusion to the road realignment,” Mayor Palazzolo adds, “Past Boards have passed similar resolutions in order to preserve the residential character of the City and it was best to reinforce those ideas in 2018.”

You can view the resolution here.

City Budgets First Approved by Citizen-Led Advisory Commission

Did you know that the City appoints each year a 23-member Financial Advisory Commission (FAC) which provides oversight in the development of the City’s annual operating and capital budgets. This consists of a review of each segment of the budget including enterprise funds, special revenue funds, general fund and the capital improvement plan budget. The FAC is also charged with review and recommendation on any bond issues considered by the City.

The Commission most recently reviewed in a public meeting the City’s enterprise funds which include utility, sanitation, stormwater, Germantown Athletic Club and the Great Hall funds. The next FAC meeting will include a review of the proposed capital budget for fiscal year 2019. The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 27, and begins at 6 p.m. in the Klein Conference Room located in the Economic and Community Development office, 1920 S. Germantown Road. Meetings are open to the public.

To receive email notifications for public meetings, sign up for eNotices at online at Germantown-TN.gov/enotices. For more information, contact Stacey Ewell at SEwell@Germantown-TN.gov or call (901) 751-7559.

The Germantown Road Realignment Is Not Happening, Really

It seems that each year during budget season, suspicions about the revival of the Germantown Road realignment project resurface. These suspicions are false. The project is not included in any long-range capital or transportation plans. And while the project was submitted for Memphis Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) funding in 2013, the request was withdrawn by the City and the project does not appear in any long-range MPO funding plans. This fact has been confirmed by MPO Administrator Pragati Srivastava, who recently confirmed “that the Germantown Realignment project is not included in the 2017-2020 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for federal funding. The only major capital project for the City is the Germantown Road and Wolf River Boulevard intersection improvement.” Nor does the project appear in the City of Germantown’s long-range capital improvement plan.

There are also suspicions that the streetscape work recently completed along Germantown Road near the Train Depot is a precursor to the realignment project. This is also false. The streetscape work is part of the 2016 Streetscape Plan intended to improve access and mobility for all forms of transportation, including pedestrians and bicyclists. The next phase of the plan is budgeted in fiscal year 2019 and includes funding for design of planned improvements along Exeter Road. The proposed plans include expanding the median and adjacent park space to provide additional public space for festivals, events and recreation. The proposed plan also calls for on-street parking, additional landscape/tree plantings, and public art. Improved pedestrian crossings and safety improvements at the intersection of Exeter and Neshoba roads are also recommended.

City staff is available to answer questions and discuss projects with the public. To reach the appropriate department, simply contact our friendly customer service specialists at CustomerService@Germantown-TN.gov or (901) 757-7200. 


Get the Facts About Zoning in Germantown

Did you know that 90% of the land within Germantown's corporate limits is zoned residential? That’s only 1,272 commercially zoned acres out of the 12,720 acres that make up the City. Of those commercially zoned acres, only 805 acres or 6.3%, are subject to smart growth zoning.

Zoning Demographics



Square miles



Total acreage



Zoned residential acres



Zoned non-residential acres



Zoned Smart Code acres



Ratio of residential to non-residential (including Smart Code)




Germantown has 15,536 total housing units with a 96% occupancy rate. Of those, 84% are owner-occupied. The City’s office and retail occupancy rates are 98% and 94% respectively. 

A complete zoning map is available here. Additional information about Smart Growth is available here. City staff are happy to answer any questions you may have. For zoning questions, contact Sheila Pounder at SPounder@Germantown-TN.gov. For other questions, connect with a customer service specialist at CustomerService@Germantown-TN.gov or call (901) 757-7200.