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Public Safety

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For emergencies requiring the immediate assistance of police fire or ambulance services, dial 911. A call from any Germantown residence or business land line rings directly to the City dispatch center. For non-emergencies, dial *54 from your cell phone or call (901) 757-7338.

Germantown Police
Germantown Police Department is a full-service law enforcement agency employing 99 full-time officers. Fully committed to the practice of community-oriented policing, the department operates around-the-clock from its headquarters at City Hall, 1930 S. Germantown Road, and boasts an average emergency response time of four minutes.

Fire and Emergency Medical Response
The Germantown Fire Department provides fire protection and suppression, advanced emergency medical service, hazardous material incident handling, rescue, building inspection and fire education. Employing 84 full-time firefighters, paramedics and EMTs,  the department operates on a 24-hour shift basis from four stations throughout the City.

The fire department recommends that every house and apartment contain a fire extinguisher and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, cleaned and tested twice a year. Each family should prepare and practice a home fire escape plan.

Poison Control
Tennessee Poison Center provides emergency medical information. Call 1-800-222-1222.

Emergency Room Care
Methodist LeBonheur Germantown Hospital, 7691 Poplar Avenue, has 24-hour full-service emergency treatment.

Storm Warning
There are 15 civil defense emergency outdoor warning sirens (with overlapping coverage) that are activated in the event of an imminent threat, such as a tornado sighting. As their name implies, the sirens are manufactured and installed as a pre-incident warning device to alert people outside their homes or other buildings. Although it is possible that you may hear an outdoor warning siren from inside your home/other buildings, they are not designed to specifically to be heard inside of a building within their geographic coverage area. It is strongly recommended that every home, school or business be equipped with at least one other weather notification system, such as All-Hazard Weather Radio.

The City of Germantown conducts siren testing for two minutes each Saturday at noon, except when severe weather conditions might cause confusion between a test and an actual warning. Shelby County and the City of Memphis conduct siren testing on Wednesdays at 3:30 p.m., except in the case of severe weather conditions.