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Located in the Economic and Community Development office building, the Engineering Division provides a wide range of design and construction inspection services related to the City’s existing and developing transportation, sewer and drinking water infrastructure. By setting and enforcing high standards, the department maximizes the life expectancy of privately built, publically maintained infrastructure minimizing future maintenance costs.

Daily responsibilities include responding to citizen requests, assisting City departments in design or construction projects, stormwater management, traffic engineering, issuing driveway and street cut permits, residential and commercial development review and carrying out construction inspections.

The Engineering Division is also responsible for managing Capital Improvement Projects each year. City engineers strive to provide: 

  • Professional plans review and construction inspection services 
  • Safe, efficient and completely accessible roadway networks planned to reduce auto emissions and accommodate future traffic conditions 
  • Dependable stormwater flood control facilities 
  • Safe drinking water and fire protection facilities 
  • Properly designed and constructed sanitary sewer conveyance systems planned to accommodate future growth