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Emergency Medical Servicesambulances 12-13
Germantown Fire Department provides advanced life support (paramedic) emergency medical service to the community. Fire Department-operated ambulances and fire engines are staffed with a Fire Fighter Paramedic and Fire Fighter EMTs. Each ambulance is equipped with advanced life support equipment, including heart monitors/defibrillators that can transmit the EKG directly to the hospital and electronic patient care reporting system. 

Fire engines are equipped with advanced medical equipment, medicines and rescue equipment, including hydraulic spreaders and cutters for removing victims from wrecked vehicles and similar situations. Fire engines may be sent to assist the ambulance on critical calls to assure patients receive excellent emergency medical care. 

Transport by Hospital Wing helicopter is also available to quickly transport critically injured persons to the Regional Medical Center or Le Bonheur Children's Hospital.

Hazardous Materials Response Team
Germantown Fire Department‘s hazardous materials response team responds to hazardous materials incidents, such as chemical spills and leaks. The personnel assigned to Fire Engine 91 are the primary team , with other certified hazardous materials response personnel assisting. A hazardous materials squad carries specialized equipment and uses a computerized chemical database and reference program. The haz-mat team also works and trains with other area haz-mat personnel on the Weapons of Mass Destruction/Domestic Terrorism Program. 

Urban Search and Rescue

Germantown Fire Department is a participating agency in Tennessee Task Force One, which at the request of FEMA, responds to natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes and volcanic eruptions, bombings, radiological or hazardous material releases and other incidents requiring federal assistance when state and local response capabilities are overwhelmed. Tennessee Task Force One is the only FEMA USAR Task Force in the Mid-South. Learn more about Tennessee Task Force One. 

Special Operations and Rescue Team

Germantown Fire Department's Special Operations Response Team (SORT) provides an advanced level of response to specialized emergencies. The team utilizes standard fire department rescue equipment as well as specialized rescue equipment.

SORT specializes in the following areas: 

  • Rope rescue, including high angle  Confined space rescue 
  • Situations include workers trapped in utility structures such as storm drains, manholes, and shafts below ground or other enclosed spaces. 
  • Trench rescue 
  • Swift water and ice rescue 
  • Victim search 
  • Structural collapse rescue 

EMS Patrol

The Fire Department provides medical services at special events such as races and parades and incidents in hard to access areas by utilizing emergency medical technicians and paramedics on a Mini Ambulance (right), Gator and bikes equipped with medical equipment.

Fire Prevention

A top priority for the Department, all personnel are active in fire preventive efforts. The Fire Prevention Bureau, staffed by Fire Marshal Jody Dwyer, Assistant Fire Marshal Clint Starnes, Fire Inspector Gino Dell-oso and Fire Records Coordinator Kelly White, coordinates most fire prevention activities including:

  • Public Fire Safety Education
  • Commercial Fire Safety Inspections
  • Home Safety Inspections - Call 751-7600 to arrange a home inspection.
  • Fire Code Enforcement
  • Fire/Arson Investigations
  • Juvenile Fire Setter Program

For more information, contact Fire Marshal Jody Dwyer at or (901) 751-7600.

Community Emergency Response Team

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program is a positive and realistic approach to prepare citizens for emergency and disaster situations. Learn about how you can get involved.