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General Services

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Fleet Services, Facility Services and Project Mangement

General Services consist of three business units that perform specialized services and project management. 

Facility Services
Facility Services has two operations, technical services and cleaning services with crew supervisors for each operation. Technical services is responsible for all electrical, mechanical, plumbing and structural maintenance to all City owned facilities. In the event that the scope of repairs or replacements is beyond the means of the technical staff, outsourcing of needed services occurs in order to maintain service excellence for all customers.

Cleaning services is responsible for janitorial needs within all City buildings with the exception of Germantown Athletic Club, The Great Hall & Conference Center and Fire Station 4.

Fleet Services
Fleet Services provides scheduled maintenance along with diverse repairs to all City fleet equipment and vehicles. In the event that the scope of repairs or replacements is beyond the means of the automotive technical staff, outsourcing needed services occurs to maintain service excellence for all customers. In addition to daily operations, Fleet Services is responsible for recommendations along with justifications to replace fleet equipment and fleet vehicles through the Infrastructure Replacement Program. As equipment or vehicles are replaced, Fleet Services sells decommissioned equipment and vehicles through an approved government agency. The Fleet Services Manager works closely with the Procurement Director to ensure that all documents are complete and funds are collected for each sale.

Project Management
Project Management consists of the Capital Improvements Program (CIP) and Infrastructure Replacement Program (IRP). The CIP Manager ensures that all fiscal year funding request for CIP and IRP projects have documentation from the requesting department during the fiscal year budget process. Projects approved for funding are scheduled by priority. The priority schedule is reviewed and approved by the City Administrator prior to any project activity. Once projects go through the bid process, the CIP Manager serves as liaison and closely monitors the progress and budget for each project in addition to providing weekly project updates.

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