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2018 Capital Improvements Program

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The Capital Improvements Program reflects the City's commitment to Germantown Forward 2030. The CIP generally addresses acquisition or construction of major infrastructure. Fiscal year 2018 has 27 planned CIP projects with a total budget of $39,944,811. These include:

General Government
Police Indoor Firing Range - 75,000
Replacement of the original 1988 bullet trap system and target system in the police indoor firing range, replacement of the current fixed-mounted steel target holders with a target system designed to create a dynamic and realistic training environment that challenges users to build skill and decision making

Customer Service Center Improvements - $150,000
The customer service center is the first thing visitors see when entering City Hall and the 1979 design is neither functional nor ADA complaint. The project will provide better customer access, maximize work space and meet new ADA regulations.

City Hall Parking - $300,000
Increase police parking space at City Hall by filling in a retention pond and constructing a new parking lot in its place, additional parking spaces will ease crowding at City Hall during court and events


Major Roads
Poplar Avenue Culvert Replacement Phase IV - Construction and CEI - $600,000
Continuation of an ongoing project to repair and/or replace 31 damaged culverts under Poplar Avenue
As of July 2017, 25 culverts have been replaced or repaired

Forest Hill-Irene Road Traffic and Safety Improvements - ROW Acquisition - $500,000
Professional engineering services and ROW acquisition for safety improvements on the unimproved sections of Forest Hill-Irene Road from Poplar Pike to Winchester Road

Winchester Road Resurfacing - Forest Hill-Irene to eastern City Limits - Construction and CEI - $1,450,000
Construction and CEI funds for the resurfacing of Winchester Road from Forest Hill-Irene to the city limits
Includes milling, paving and striping

Intersections and Other
Wolf River Boulevard and Germantown Road Intersection Improvements - ROW Acquisition - $2,230,000
Right of way acquisition for traffic signal modifications and the addition of lanes
When completed, this project will add safety and capacity to the intersection as well as providing safe pedestrian crossings.

Signal Upgrades - Hacks Cross Road and Poplar Pike, Kirby and Poplar Avenue and Poplar Pike/Germantown Road/Arthur Road - Construction - $1,050,000
Upgrades involve replacing wooden/concrete poles and span wires with Germantown's standard mast arms, installing video detection and emergency vehicle pre-emption devices as necessary and updating striping and signage as necessary.

Allenby Road Sidewalks - Mercedes to Farmington - $30,000
This project includes installation of approximately 780 feet of sidewalks on Allenby Road from Mercedes to Farmington Boulevard, improving the safety for the neighborhood.

Safe Routes to School - Phase 1 - $155,000
Safe Routes to School - Phase II - $191,000
This project will create safe, convenient opportunities for elementary and middle school students to bicycle and walk to and from schools. Infrastructure improvements include new sidewalks, bike lanes and signage.

Central Business District Streetscape Master Plan Phase II - Construction - $500,000
The project strives to enhance the character of the Central Business District by improving the visual elements of streets, sidewalks, street furniture, trees and open spaces.

Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Master Plan - $500,000
Initial funding for projects identified in the comprehensive Parks and Recreation Plan that is underway.

Farmington Playground Renovation - $306,000
The project design will be completed using in-house staff resources, a professional landscape consultant and working with potential vendors who will submit complementary design proposals.

Farmington Park East Field Renovation - $130,000
The project includes laser grading for proper drainage, amending the soils for proper growing nutrients, irrigation to improve growing conditions and sod for a playable surface.

Greenway Restroom Replacement - $175,000
The Greenway restroom and sewer lift station was installed in 2000 and met the needs of the users at the time. However, the numbers of users have increased dramatically with the opening of the new Greenway extensions resulting in inadequate capacity.

Wolf River Blvd. Greenway Trail Connectors - $1,900,000
The project provides a connector from Neshoba Park to the new trail head and from Cameron Brown Park to Easter Trail Head near Farmington Boulevard.

City Wide Master Drainage Plan - Phase II - $500,000
This plan will reusult in a master drainage plan to provide the city with sufficient, up-to-date and accurate information to systematically plan and manage its drainage systems and provide a higher flood protection.

Annual Miscellaneous Drainage Improvements - $50,000
This project involves design and construction of necessary improvements to small, isolated drainage problems.

Allenby Lake Spillway Repair and Lateral G Mitigation Project Construction - $150,000
Allenby Lake Spillway repair and wetlands mitigation required as a result of construction activities within wetlands adjacent to the Lateral G construction project

Germantown Athletic Club
Germantown Athletic Club Expansion Construction Phase III - $1,000,000
Includes renovation of the men's locker room, creation of a community space upstairs, new customer service desk and both upstairs and downstairs common area renovation

Utility Fund
Johnson Road Water Plant Roof - $310,000
The original 1996 roof has developed many defects that are no longer covered under warranty.

Western Gateway Sewer Improvements Design - $200,000
This project is a follow up to the FY15 Western Gateway Sewage Basin Study and is a proactive measure that encourages growth in the targeted area. The first phase of the project would involve analysis and design of the new sewer line and easements necessary to accommodate full build-out of the Western Gateway.

Land Purchase - Southern Ave - $350,000
Properties located at 7598, 7606,630,and 7632 Southern Avenue have become available from New Bethel Church. The purchase would provide future growth options for Public Works as well as a potential new water well field.

Greenway Restroom Lift Station Replacement - $60,000
The Greenway Restroom and Sewer Lift Station was installed in 2000 and met the needs of the users at the time. However, the numbers of users have increased dramatically with the opening of the new Greenway extensions resulting in inadequate facility and sewer capacity.

Southern Ave. Water Plant - Electrical Panel Upgrade - $183,000
Design and replacement of the original electrical panels of the facility that was constructed in 1978. The panels have functioned flawlessly for years until rainfall entered the building in 2012 causing damage to the panel components. It was very difficult to find parts to make the necessary repairs since the original replacement parts were not available.

Municipal Schools
New Elementary School Design- Land Acquisition and Construction - $27,000,000
The GMSD is recommending the building a new elementary school in the southeast section of the City to relieve the overcrowding. The project will consist of the design, land acquisition, approximately 15-30 acres depending upon if an adjacent park is included and the construction of a new elementary school in the southeast section of the City.