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Safety Tips

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Child Safety Seat Laws
The State of Tennessee mandates use of child safety seats. Details are availble here.

Vacation Home Check

The Germantown Police Department is glad to provide this service to citizens. Officers will make a daily check on the security of your home, while you and your family are away for at least four days and up to one month. To receive this service, fill out a vacation check request form and submit it to the Police Department or come by the dispatch center, 1930 S. Germantown Road, and complete a form.

Officers will begin checking the exterior doors and windows on the day you leave and will continue the procedure each day until you return. The officers normally check the home at least twice each day. Due to the dangers involved, only unoccupied homes will be checked. This service is not available for vacant houses or new houses under construction. For additional security Checklist and Recommendations.

Prevent Burglaries

The most important thing you can do is to call the police to report a crime or any suspicious activity in your neighborhood. A list of additional tips is available here.

Prevent Identity Theft
If you are a victim of identity theft, contact the three main credit bureaus to place a fraud alert on your account. 
Experian 1-888-EXPERIAN 
Equifax 1-800-525-6285 
Trans Union 1-800-680-7289 
Be sure to also file a report with the proper law enforcement agency. Learn more about steps to prevent identity theft. 

Creating Safe Schools
Creating a safe place where children can learn and grow depends on a partnership among students, parents, teachers and other community institutions. Learn more about what you can do to create safe schools.